In case of withdrawal, the examination fee(s), less a $150 service charge, will be refunded if written notice is received by NBEO 14 or more days before the exam date.

Exam fees will be forfeited if a candidate does not take the examination or if the written/email notice of withdrawal is received by NBEO after the withdrawal deadline.

Notification of withdrawal must be emailed to nbeo@optometry.org. The request must include:

  • Full Name
  • Examination
  • Test site
  • A note that you are requesting to be withdrawn from the examination

    Listed below are exceptions which typically occur outside of the control of the candidate or NBEO. With these types of situations, acceptable documentation would be required as proof to avoid the fee. Please call/email prior to registering for a change in exam date. Examples of an acceptable reason would be:

  • Unexpected accident
  • Illness
  • Death or illness of immediate family member
  • Flight cancellation
  • Weather related incidents (i.e., blizzard, storm that grounds transportation, etc.)
  • Military orders
  • Governmental regulations